Business Loan

Business Loan

Business Loans (Either to Companies or to Persons)

The access to easy liquidity and sufficient funding are the Core Strength of any Businessman. We are willing to provide the funding for your Business to any amount subject to minimum criteria. 

  • Loans against Secured mortgages (Land & Buildings)

  • Consolidation of Loans and to provide easy liquidity is targeted towards all SME’s (Small & Medium Enterprises). We have the in-house expertise to assess your assets and liabilities to negotiate a comfortable funding after consolidation of the various smaller loans from other Banking Institutions.

  • Loans on Share Certificates – The loan will be provided against Share Certificates on the current market price with a simple Demat Transfer form as per RBI norms. Easiest way to have cash in your hands without losing your Valuable Shares.

  • Loans on Stocks and Receivables – A quick way to get easy money on the current stocks and receivables of any Corporation.

  • Loans on fixed Assets of the Company– Targeted to facilitate quick funds against the hypothecation of fixed assets of a working Corporation.


Business Loan facilitation will be our Core competency as this is one Segment which is left untouched by most Financial Institutions due to the involvement of higher risk. 
We have faith in our Customers and our ability to assess the risk factor to minimize losses in this Market segment.

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